Schedule of Events

All you need to know to make sure you don’t miss your new favorite writers.

Teen Writing Contest. Open July 13 – August 20. Winner announced Friday, September 10 at Welcome Reception

Bookmarked Writer’s Workshop. Registration required. Meet Tuesdays @7pm in July and August in person and/or on Zoom.

Friday September 10

8:30 County wide elementary, middle, and high school Zoom storytelling workshops. Lasting throughout the school day

3:00 Poetry Readings in the Carnegie

Carol Deering   “Recent Poems”

Echo Klaproth   “A Requiem to the Vitality of Life”

Ami Vincent    “This is a (love) story”

Brooke Davidson “Seasons of a Girl”

Nannette Langston-Meredith   “Why Men are Like Dogs and Women Are Like Cats”

Deborah Byrne ‘The Word Merchant: Fancy Words in Poetic Form by Deb Byrne’

5:00-6:00 Welcome Reception  in the Carnegie Appetizers will be provided. Winners of the Teen Creative Writing Contest announced!                                                           

Saturday September 11

 8:30 Doors open. Coffee and baked goods available in the Carnegie

 9:00 Non-fiction Readings in the Carnegie

KK King    “Lundie’s Stories”

Sarah Reilley   “Authenticity – Finding Yourself in a Noisy World”

Cheryl O’Brien  “World War II POW Camps of Wyoming”

Kelly Dehnert   “To Africa on a Lark”

Jason Baxter   “The Love that Moves the Stars: A New Translation of Dante to Celebrate his 700th Anniversary”

Becki Neidens “Beyond My Wildest Dreams”

10:45 Fiction Reading in the Carnegie

Kelli Gard   “Run to Me”

Samone Yuen  “Silken Voices”

Jan Fransisco   “Jan Francisco, MG and Picture book author”

Cheryl Fallin    “A Reading with Cheryl Fallin”

Ted Judson   “A Reading by Theodore Judson”

1:00-3:00 Book Fair

3:15 Fiction Readings in the Carnegie

Andy Baldwin   “Broken Inn”

Alma Law    “Hot Wheels”

Jeanette Woodward     “Verdant Visions: Stories about Women”

Tannar Miller    “St. Marco”

Carolyn Lampman     “Romancing the Old West”

Chase McFadden   “Well, Wyoming”

Bernadette Holmes “Sleeping Beauty”

5:00 Keynote Speaker: Mark Spragg

6:30 Dinner with Mark Spragg. Limited number of seats. Tickets will be available for purchase on August 10.