2022 Participants

Barbara Smith

Rock Springs, WY

Author of the poetry collection “Putting A Name on It,” Barbara Smith taught writing courses at Western Wyoming Community College in Rock Springs for 38 years. A Westerner with immigrant roots, she writes of the parallels between pioneers of long ago and the experiences and challenges of more contemporary pioneers in the boom and bust of the American West.

Mandie Hines

Cheyenne, WY

Mandie Hines is an author and poet who writes about grief, hope, and healing in both the horror and poetry genres. She promotes creative writing in her community and throughout the state, helping to connect writers to the writing community so they can find encouragement and share their work.

Myra L. Peak

Green River, WY

Myra L. Peak writes poetry and fiction and is in progress on a novel about her experiences as a coal mine foreman. She received a 2007 Fellowship in Poetry from the Wyoming Arts Council for a group of poems related to coal mining.

Tam DeRudder Jackson

Cody, WY

Like the tagline of her first novel, Tam DeRudder Jackson’s personal motto is “love is worth the risk.” Readers and reviewers have praised her stories for her swoon-worthy characters, movie-quality world building, and strong writing. Though she’s a voracious reader of all genres of romance, her favorite genres to write are paranormal and contemporary. When she’s not writing or reading, she’s probably traveling or skiing or dancing at a rock concert.

Bernadette Holmes

Lander, WY

Bernadette Holmes likes shiny sharp-edged words like vivacious and voracious, and soft blurry words like crepuscular and flurried, and bold ringing words like brazen and pragmatic. Her other hobbies include knitting, crochet, hoarding books, hand-lettering, and whatever shiny new thing she picked up in the last two minutes (there are a lot of those).

Cheryl Fallin

Lander, WY

Cheryl Fallin is a local pediatrician who loves to write in her spare time.

Betsy Bernfeld

Wilson, WY

Originally from Tucson, Arizona, Betsy Bernfeld is a writer, librarian and lawyer in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. She is the recipient of the Wyoming Arts Council’s 2020 Creative Writing Fellowship for poetry. She lives with her husband Joe and black lab Magnolia in a little log cabin in the shadow of the Grand Teton Mountains.

Sarah Reilley

Lander, WY

Sarah Reilley is a Lander-born writer turned book editor who plays with words in every genre and style. She has a very long idea list for future novels and loves flash fiction and poetry because they don’t take as long to write and it always feels like a win to finish something new! She loves to read, write, paint, tell stories with friends, and enjoy the drama of a sunset or rainstorm.

Ted Judson

Riverton, WY

Ted Judson is the author of Fitzpatrick’s War (DAW 2004), The Martian General’s Daughter (PYR Books 2007), Hell Can Wait (Edge Books 2010), Deadly Waters (Endeavor Books, 2016), and Tom Wedderburn’s Life (Rathole Books, 2018).  His books have been well-reviewed, but they have thus far sold only modestly; that is, they have “sold out,” meaning he has always earned back my advance and a little more.

Alma Law

Riverton, WY

Besides teaching 7th Grade Language Arts in Riverton, Alma Law bakes and rockhounds and tends to his backyard chickens while traveling as much as he can fit in. That would do a great job of capturing his life if he didn’t also love hiking and camping and throwing dinner parties with game nights. His personal spiritual journey makes a study of adventures and friendship building.

Susan Gray Gose

Lander, WY

Susan Gray Gose is a journalist turned novelist, currently working on a women’s psychological suspense mystery. She is also experimenting with a non-fiction blog that might turn into a memoir one day.

Carol L. Deering

Riverton, WY

Carol L. Deering was born and grew up in New England, and moved to Wyoming over half a lifetime ago.

Karen King

Ft. Washakie, WY

Karen King was born in Longmont, Colorado, raised in Boulder, lived/worked with Tribal people and programs for over 40 years in Alaska, Wyoming, and Washington, D.C. As a life-long learner, she’s visited all seven continents and 116 countries and writes grants, songs, fiction novels, kiddy lit, and technical non-fiction materials. She loves living in God’s country on the Wind River Reservation.

Sage R.S. Huggins

Basin, WY

Sage R.S. Huggins is an epic fantasy writer as well as a Conlanger (language crafter). He enjoys the art of deep stories with sprawling history but also well-crafted characters. He also enjoys speaking to other writers and their views on what is a well-crafted story.

Nick Thornburg

Lander, WY

Nick Thornburg is a multidisciplinary artist and writer based out of Lander, Wyoming, whose work has been shown on the independent stage and screen, overseas at the Prague International Theater Design Quadrennial Exhibition, and at various institutions and exhibition spaces in the United States, including the Yellowstone Art Museum, the State Historical Museum of Iowa, and the White House Visitor Center. Through his research, writing, and studio work, he illuminates relationships between objects commonly held in opposition and probes deep into the meaning and practice of creativity.

Andy Baldwin

Lander, WY

Andy Baldwin is a mostly retired attorney in Lander and the author of five novels.

Tina Welling

Jackson, WY

Tina Welling is a faculty member of the Jackson Hole Writers Conference, teaches writing workshops, is a creative energy coach, and volunteers conducting journaling workshops at the Teton County Jail.

Matt Daly

Jackson, WY

Matt Daly is a poet and educator from Jackson, Wyoming. He is the recipient of a Neltje Blanchan Award for writing inspired by the natural world and a Creative Writing Fellowship in Poetry from the Wyoming Arts Council. Matt teaches reflective and creative writing in a variety of setting and with a range of audiences. He is the co-founder of Write to Thrive, a business that brings writing practices to individuals and professional groups to cultivate creativity and wellbeing.

Tannar Miller

Lander, WY

Writer, librarian, woodworker, and swordsman, Tannar Miller is a lead librarian from Riverton, and has lived in Wyoming all his life. He has multiple short story publications, including work in the anthology Curiosities #8, and Hexagon Magazine’s monthly e-zine Myriad. A jack-of-all-trades, Tannar spends his free time learning many of the things he writes about, whether that be sword fighting, or domesticating the American crow.

Helen M. Pugsley

Laramie, WY

Helen M. Pugsley comes from a small town of 20 in eastern Wyoming, but currently resides in Laramie. She has been writing since she was a teenager, and has published three novels titled War and Chess, Tales from the Gishlan Wood, and The Tooth Fairy. When she’s not writing, she wanders around aimlessly in the search for fruit.

Natalie “Callum” Ryback

Lander, WY

Natalie “Callum” Ryback is a writer and poet living between St. Louis, Missouri, and Wyoming. When she is not writing, she can be found outside free climbing and exploring with her much-beloved husband. Her work has been published in Willawaw Journal and is forthcoming in North Dakota Quarterly.

K.J. Gillenwater

Cody, WY

K.J. Gillenwater was a Russian linguist in the U.S. Navy for six years before embarking on her journey as an author of fiction. She writes romance, suspense, and science fiction and has lived all over the U.S.

Kelly Dehnert

Lander, WY

Kelly Dehnert was born and raised in Lander by creative parents. His love for music and writing was encouraged and molded by a family that loves the arts and the beauty they bring to a sometimes broken and painful life.

Jeannette Woodward

Lander, WY

Jeannette Woodward is a former Fremont County Library Director, active in several nonprofits, and an undisciplined writer.

Ami Vincent

Lander, WY

Ami Vincent is a writer and a reader who has lived in Lander for 10 years.

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