2021 Participants

Jan Fransisco

Jan Fransisco is a transplant to Lander by way of Texas, Siberia, and Utah. She has five children and a small farm with her husband Ben. She loves creating things—out of cloth, paper, plants, and in the kitchen, but finds the greatest satisfaction in creating with words. Her blog is indefenseofwomen.wordpress.com and she is currently working on a few longer works that are in various stages of maturity.

Samone Yuen

Samone Yuen has always been a writer. She wrote and illustrated her first book in kindergarten, and it featured the riveting plot of a phone call to her cool uncle. Sadly, no copies of this premier work survive. Since then, she has lived in Hawaii, traveled to Asia, and is working on an East Asia-inspired Young Adult Fantasy trilogy. The first book is titled “Silken Voices”.

Kelly Dehnert

Kelly Dehnert was born in Lander and, following graduation from college, spent six years in Colorado. He and his family returned to Lander in 1992 where he was Professor of Music at Central Wyoming College for 14 years. The family then packed their bags to move to Malawi, Africa as instructors at a mission college. After eight years with the mission, they returned to Lander. Dehnert’s book, “To Africa On a Lark,” is the story of the transforming power of colliding cultures and their deep love for Africa.

Ami Vincent

Ami Vincent lives, loves, reads, writes, creates, and plays with her family in the Wind River Mountains of Wyoming. She is over-the-moon that Bookmarked is taking off and can’t wait to see where it might go.

Carol L. Deering

Carol L. Deering was born and grew up in New England, but moved to Wyoming half a lifetime ago. She has twice received the Wyoming Arts Council Poetry Fellowship (2016, judge Rebecca Foust; 1999, judge Agha Shahid Ali). Her poems appear in online and traditional journals and anthologies, and in her first book, “Havoc & Solace: Poems from the Inland West” (Sastrugi Press, 2018).

Andrew W. Baldwin

Andrew W. Baldwin has been a Lander resident for nearly 40 years. New York Times Best Selling Author Dirk Cussler called Baldwin’s Raptor Canyon “a gem of a read” and Wings Over Ghost Creek a “page-turning thriller” (each was a Grand Master Adventure Writer’s Competition Finalist). Readers’ Favorite has issued 5 star reviews for each of his novels, calling Raptor Canyon “a hoot of an adventure novel … most highly recommended,” Diamond of Devil’s Tail “an adeptly written thriller,” and his latest novel, Broken Inn, “brilliantly executed … [and] absolutely gripping.”

KK King

KK King lives near Fort Washakie and writes to keep her out of the shrink’s chair. Stories, poems, screen plays, songs, biographies, and novels have been good medicine for more than six decades. A life-long career in education from early childhood to college levels confirmed her desire to be a life-long learner. She is excited to be a part of Bookmarked 2021 to keep on learning!

Echo Klaproth

Echo Klaproth is a 4th generation Wyomingite who writes to savor the vitality of life. She’s a former Wyoming Poet Laureate, journalist, teacher, and now serves as Chaplain with Help for Health Hospice. She and her husband live and love near Shoshoni.

Cheryl Fallin

Cheryl Fallin is a pediatrician in Lander, where she lives with her husband and a menagerie of critters, including a Border Collie mix, a Columbia Boa, a day gecko, a box turtle, and poison dart frogs. She began her writing career while living in Maryland with a medical newspaper column entitled “What’s Up Doc?” Her love for writing continued with producing, editing, and writing articles for a quarterly women’s ministry newsletter at her church. She is currently working on a near-future, sci-fi, medical-thriller series. When not working or writing, you can find her pursuing her other passions including hiking, snowshoeing, paddle boarding, and traveling both in and out of country.

Sarah Reilley

Sarah Reilley is a longtime writer of short stories, flash fiction, thrillers, non-fiction, and women’s fiction. As a former English teacher, she also offers services as an editor and has worked with award-winning authors. She grew up in Lander and loves the small town community and how prevalent art and writing are within the area. At any given time, she has several works in progress!

Kelli Gard

Kelli Gard is a local high school teacher. She previously published the book One Hawaiian Morning and will be presenting works from her upcoming novel Run to Me. She likes her heroines to take an actual lead in their story, overcome obstacles in the not so classical way, and have exciting romance stories that keep the reader guessing. She is excited for her readers to meet her new characters in her new romance/thriller Run to Me.

Alma Law

Mr. Law has been a teacher in Fremont County for 11 years. His current position is 7th grade Language Arts at Riverton Middle School. As a teacher of Sophomore Honors, he oversaw the writing and self-publishing of the student written local ghost stories, “Fremont Haunts,” drawn from many special guests who joined his classroom. He also collects stories about other paranormal and local flavor topics for possible additions to local reads. Mr. Law has entered various writing contests and has encouraged and guided others to as well.

Tannar Miller

Writer, librarian, woodworker, swordsman, Tannar is a lead librarian from Riverton, and has lived in Wyoming all his life. He recently had his first print publication in the anthology Curiosities #8, although he has several other publications in different online magazines. A jack-of-all-trades, Tannar spends his free time learning many of the things he writes about, whether that be sword fighting or domesticating the American crow.

Jason Baxter

Jason Baxter is a speaker, author, and college professor, who teaches ancient thought and literature, art history, and especially, the intellectual world of Dante. In his popular writing and lectures, he talks about the arts, travel and literature, technology and humanism, science and culture, and modernity and modernism/s (especially in light of the ancient world.) He is the author of five books and many academic and popular articles.

Nanette Langston-Meredith

Nanette Langston-Meredith has written numerous works of fiction, fairytale, short stories, poetry, and philosophy. Some of them are published and many of them are in a different form, yet still available. Currently, she is getting four children’s stories published with Dorrance Publishing. Her son, Roland, is the illustrator for the work of over 40 illustrations. The process is more valuable than anything; similar to many things in life: the journey is more important than the destination. At Bookmarked, she will have two published works on display, “Why Men are Like Dogs and Women are Like Cats” and “The Labyrinth: Amongst Other Collected Poems”.

Carolyn Lampman

Award-winning author Carolyn Lampman grew up on the Wyoming ranch her great-grandparents homesteaded in 1887, could ride a horse almost before she could walk, and speaks fluent Wyoming twang. Carolyn’s books pull from her own western heritage and the fascinating history of the West. She loves to find an obscure tidbit, research it, and then build it into a novel. History, mystery, romance, and humor all weave together in gripping tales that make her books page-turners and rollicking good reads!

Chace McFadden

Wyoming is the setting for a pair of feature-length screenplays and a young adult novel being written by Lander resident Chase McFadden. A lifetime Wyomingite, his work is deeply influenced by the state’s beautifully-desolate landscapes and its people. The Batch—a literary/arts magazine featuring the art, photography, and writing from teen creatives in Albany, Fremont, and Sheridan counties—was founded by Chase in 2017. In his humor blog, Some Species Eat Their Young, Chase ruminates on fatherhood and shares anecdotes related to life with Kick A** Wife and their brood—Swim, Perpetual Motion, The Hellcat, and Tax Credit #4. Chase has written for Nickelodeon and is a contributing writer and humor columnist for USA swimming.

Josh Soule

Josh Soule is an Amazon best-selling author from Lander. He works in elementary education for Wyoming Indian Schools, and co-owns The Lost Chapter Bookstore with his wife, Sierra. Josh has several published works both under his real name and under pseudonyms, most notable is the best-selling novel, “Into the Woods”. Josh enjoys living in Lander with his wife and children and helping to contribute to the literary world.

Cheryl O’Brien

Cheryl O’Brien lives in Dubois, Wyoming. O’Brien’s book, World War II POW Camps of Wyoming, was published by The History Press in 2019. The book reveals the previously untold story of Wyoming’s nineteen POW camps and the lives of the camp residents. Two of the POW camps, Camp Dubois and Camp Riverton, were located in Fremont County. World War II POW Camps of Wyoming was selected as Wyoming’s 2020 Great Read by the Wyoming State Library.

Jeanette Woodward

Jeanette Woodward, former Fremont County Library Director, has published a number of nonfiction books as well as several titles on Kindle.

Bernadette Holmes

Bernadette Holmes is currently earning her Bachelor’s degree in the Liberal Arts. In her spare time she reads voraciously, writes odd stories, and dabbles in a variety of art.

Becki Neidens

Becki Neidens, along with her husband and two children, are the lucky caretakers of a remote ranch on the edge of the wilderness outside of Dubois. She writes about the challenges and triumphs her family encounters living such an adventurous lifestyle with no neighbors nearby.

Deborah Byrne

Deborah Byrne edited and published the Boston Poet when in grad school. Her wedding and wasband were impetus for many a poem and short story! She has lived and worked in Europe and the Middle East. Her favorite journals among the 238 that she has been published in are Appalachian Heritage and Lungfish. Deborah is just getting back into writing since she retired.

Charlotte Dehnert

Charlotte Dehnert has been a Fremont County resident since 1960. She is a feature writer and columnist as well as an avid reader.

Claire Cella

During the daylight hours, Claire Cella is the communications design associate for the Wyoming Outdoor Council, a position she’s held for nearly five years. In the early morning hours, however, she writes poetry, a habit she developed many years ago as an undergraduate student of English Writing & Rhetoric in Austin, Texas. She’s grateful for Wyoming, and in particular Lander, for being a place that is so deeply rooted in nature and community that she can gracefully rest her usually wandering mind and feet long enough to get words on paper.

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