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May 1 2024

An origin story

The Bookmarked Literary Arts Festival began in 2020 when a ​Wyoming author approached a Lander librarian looking for help ​launching her book. A book that WASN’T about cowboys. A ​book that explored the SHARED WYOMING EXPERIENCE. The ​Wyoming experience that is MORE THAN, but also includes, the ​Wild West. The library didn’t have a system for helping connect ​local authors to local readers and as a writer herself, that ​librarian began to wonder what it might look like to create a ​space that celebrated Wyoming writers as literary artists and ​connected them with Wyoming readers.

The idea bloomed through the pandemic years and grew into a ​literary art show for writers and a story festival for readers.

Over three days each fall, we gather to share stories:

Poetry Slam

Houlihan Narratives

Youth Short Story Contest

Readings from Wyoming authors who write: Mystery, Sci-Fi, ​Romance, Fantasy, YA, Memoir, Research, Inspirational

W​ell known keynote speaker with ties to Wyoming

Bookmarked gives voice to our shared Wyoming experience.

We love Wyoming writers


Past Keynote Speakers


Percival Everett

Ami Vincent

Chair and Founder

Reader of cookbooks, literary fiction, and thrillers


Lucas Fralick


Reader of history and sci-fi

Dabbling poet

Board of Directors

Tannar Miller

Vice Chair

Reader of (mostly) sci-fi & fantasy

Short story author

Cheryl Fallin


Reader and writer of cozy mysteries

Alma Law


Reader of good books

Local ghost story teller

Nona Schrader


Reader of historical mysteries and fantasy

Young adult environmental fantasy author

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